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Motorcycle Accident With Injury/UM Insurance

Call 9-1-1 if the accident is severe.  Call the local police if the accident is a hit and run and the other driver did not stop.  If you are in need of medical assistance, an ambulance can transport you to the nearest hospital for treatment.


Next, report the motorcycle accident and injuries to your insurance company as soon as possible.  Provide the insurance company with the following information:  the other driver’s insurance company, including policy number, the phone numbers and address of all people involved, names of all the parties involved, the vehicle license plate numbers, contact information of witnesses, and any photos of damage if available.  The claim process begins with contacting your agents.  Give your insurance agent the other driver’s information and the police accident report concerning how the accident occurred.  

After you file the motorcycle accident claim, the claims adjuster will tell you whether or not they need to schedule an appointment to inspect the damage to your motorcycle.  Following inspection, you should be directed as to where your motorcycle can be repaired. 


Seek medical attention and report all injuries to your physician.  Injuries received from a motorcycle accident can be severe and may require a long period of treatment.  Be sure to keep track of your medical provider information and expenses.  





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