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Giving back to our community!

Tim Chelpaty has also donated to the Valle del Rio Homeowners Association to help with improving the neighborhood park. 


These amazing young ladies showing they came to play!! 



















It's softball time again and Tim Chelpaty Law Office wants to wish these young girls of Aftershock a Great 2017 Season!!! 



What a pleasure it is to sponsor our youth in all their activities! 


Attorney Chelpaty also believes in helping others in need by donating funds to the Catholic Relief Services, Rice Bowl program.  He is blessed every day and wants to pay it forward by sharing those blessings with others! 


Mr. Chelpaty has recently given a donation to the Las Cruces High School Theatre program.  He believes in encouraging our youth to reach for the stars! 


Here are some benefits of students participating in theatre.   If your child has a busy academic schedule, enrolling them in performing arts may seem to come down the bottom of the priority list.  But there are many reasons why performing arts should play a key role your child’s education, be it in school or as an extra curricular activity. In many studies, researchers are now linking involvement in the arts to better child development and higher student achievement.




Studies such as this report from the Arts Education Partnership suggest schoolchildren exposed to drama, music and dance are more proficient in reading, writing and math. In countries with the highest rankings in math and science, such as Japan, Hungary and the Netherlands, arts and music education form a mandatory part of the school curriculum. Children also learn to take instruction from adults and respect authority.




One of the most obvious benefits of performing arts is the development of skills in self-presentation. A child must learn how to present him or herself in front of an audience, be it big or small. They develop the ability to converse with adults in a mature manner. Participation in the arts allows them to grow their self-esteem and self-confidence, developing poise and learning to overcome anxieties.  Performing arts are also about social interaction and cooperation. Your child will no doubt make life-long friends with those who share the same passion as they do. 




The arts allow for deep self-expression from a child’s heart. It can help them make sense of their emotions and develop new ideas to express themselves. For example, musical children may find their “happy place” when they are playing songs to themselves that reflect their emotions. Or maybe the dancer is better able to express their emotions through physical movement rather than vocally.  Performing arts are also great exercise – even opera! A singer must be physically fit and have a good lung capacity to reach and hold notes for a period of time. Some performing arts are based on cultural history, which may allow a child to connect with their ancestry or ethnic background.




Performing arts help teach children both self-reliance as well as collaboration with others in order to reach a goal. They learn that there are many different pathways to develop a skill.  For example, a child learning a musical instrument may also participate in an orchestra to open them up to another style of music and performance to benefit their solo work.  Performing arts develop reasoning and creative thinking, as well as motivation, concentration and teamwork. 




Performing arts help promote interpersonal skills. Some of the previously mentioned benefits can come through participation in sporting activities, but performing arts also promote and develop certain skills and characteristics such as empathy and compassion for others. The creativity involved in performing arts extends to emotional creativity and can open children to new ways of seeing the world. In group settings, there’s less of a focus on winning or losing, and more about working together as a team towards a shared performance goal, as well as the child's individual journey of development.  For example in musical theater, children may have to learn to work behind the scenes as well as on stage. By having to carry out a variety of tasks and roles, they are able to look at the world from different vantage points. 


Whether it’s acting in a play or performing in a dance, encouraging your child in performing arts is a great way to create a well-rounded education.                                                                 03/14/17



Started February 2017 by donating to Caitlyn Frugoli, a member of the APECHS Travel Club, to help get her on the way to a new adventure with her club mates at LCHS.  Wishing her a safe trip and great experiences she will cherish for years to come! 




There are the obvious benefits, of course: students who travel are immersed in foreign languages, become inspired by new and exciting experiences abroad, and encounter historical landmarks and world geography firsthand. But the benefits of educational travel reach much further than just a world history classroom.


Students who have traveled abroad show a greater aptitude for learning in all areas. According to our research, 67% of students between 12-18 who participate in educational travel earn a college degree or higher, compared to only 34% of those who don’t take student tours. Not only does educational travel directly correlate with a students’ academic success after high school, but students who travel also have better grades in high school. 


With the infinite reach of the internet, businesses are now serving an increasingly globalized set of customers, placing a greater value on intercultural knowledge in the workplace. Not only are there more jobs and higher paying job opportunities for multilingual applicants, but workers must be multicultural as well, being able to adapt and communicate with peers from other countries and cultures.


According to a recent article in TechVibes, the one most important skill “startup employees need most” is the ability to think. Startups are generally fledgling companies with a technological bent, usually funded by giant corporations or eccentric billionaires who want to change the world post-retirement. Startup jobs are highly desirable, and have become the 21st century equivalent of being in a rock band: the employees are young, wear jeans and t-shirts like a uniform, and work odd hours with the assistance of…well, highly caffeinated energy drinks, in this case.


But the concept applies across the board: ALL 21st century employees need to think on their feet. Let’s face it–U.S. students are notoriously lacking in the critical thinking department. In order to build these vital critical thinking skills, students need to be thrown into situations where they encounter new problems to solve and can learn to think on their feet. Educational travel presents this opportunity around every corner, as students navigate their way through every unexpected obstacle while adapting to culture shock. From learning how to order a coffee in Italian to the learning the proper way to eat with chopsticks, students’ minds expand with every new experience presented with travel. 






!!!GO ZACK G.!!!


In helping to keep our youth active in sports, Johnny Estrada has also received a sponsorship to continue his boxing journey.  Johnny was recently named SWKA Champion in his weight class and now has a record of 80-4.  He trains at the Dona Ana Boxing Club and his dedication has definitely paid off. Way to go Johnny!! Best of luck with your future matches and bring home many more titles! 

Age limits do not apply when helping out the athletes of Las Cruces.  Tim Chelpaty supports our younger players like the After Shock Softball team.  Whether it's by purchasing raffle tickets or attending a game, it's important to cheer for and encourge these girls to do their best always!


IHere are some benefits to young girls playing on a team.


Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle


Making exercise a part of a young lady’s life teaches her the importance of fitness and contributes to positive lifelong fitness habits. Exercise, along with proper nutrition, plays a vital role in maintaining overall health. Children actually need physical activity every day and participation in sports, like softball, helps fill this need. In today’s world of video games and increasing computer literacy, daily physical activity is often times forgotten. Getting young women involved with softball helps them make exercise a part of their lifestyle and increases their chance of a being a healthier adult.


IPromotes Self Esteem


When softball players realize they are improving their skills and getting better and better at their sport, they can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. When young ladies are given the opportunity to participate in a sport where they can grow and improve it gives them a unique and fun way to build self-esteem. Together, with positive reinforcement from the adults in their lives (coaches and parents), they will gain confidence and develop a more positive view of themselves.


Learn Goal Setting


I’m sure you’ll agree goal setting and success go hand in hand. Participation in softball gives young ladies a fun, practical way to learn about goal setting. They’ll see, experience, and learn about how goal setting works. Even if the coaches don’t cover goal setting, that’s okay! Players and parents can also sit down together and set goals. Giving young ladies a chance to learn this skill provides them with a better chance at succeeding, not only on the field, but in life.


Learn About and Experience Teamwork


How often have you read a help wanted ad where the employer wants a “team player” or a candidate that “works well with others”? I see it all the time. How much more valuable are you as an employee when you can put differences aside and get the job done? Team sports, like softball, teach valuable lessons about teamwork and about how your actions affect other people.  After all, if you can’t learn to work together with teammates while playing a sport you enjoy, how will they be able to work with co-workers they may or may not like while performing a job you may or may not enjoy? This is an important lesson for any young adult to learn! Softball provides a “hands on” environment in which young ladies can learn about and practice this valuable skill that will continue to benefit them long after they play their last out.


Develop Time Management Skills


Extracurricular activities encourages development of and time management and prioritization skills.  Often times players will need to find an effective way to balance school, family, and softball (and in some cases, even more than that).  With the help of the adults in their lives, they will have the opportunity to formulate a plan which enables them to efficiently handle responsibilities while still leaving time for development in other areas such as athletics.


Learn About Dealing with Adversity


As you and I both know, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has problems. How well you handle these mistakes and problems directly affects your level of happieness and quality of life. Many people “get in a slump” and can’t get out of it. Others continue making the same mistakes over and over again. In softball, we always try to minimize errors, but we’re human. Mistakes happen. Even professional players make bad choices and make bad plays, but, ultimately, it’s not the mistake that counts. What you do from that point forward carries far more significance. If young ladies learn how to deal with adversity, errors, and challenges when they happen on the field, chances are, they’ll be able to translate that skill to real life and effectively minimize mistakes and/or bad decisions as well as competently recover from set backs.


Have Fun!


Positive experiences play an essential role in nurturing and developing a happy, healthy human being. Softball provides numerous opportunities for positive and memorable experiences.  Not the mention the fact that often times, softball provides a much needed break from school, chores, and other “real life” responsibilities.   Softball players are blessed with the opportunity to have fun while learning and developing as an athlete and as a human being.

Attorney Chelpaty believes in the youth of our town.  One way to show his support is by donating to local teams like the Las Cruces High School girls basketball team.  
Benefits of playing sports in high schools.
1. Representing a community: when you play for your high school you are representing the community in which you live. You will participate against other communities and enjoy the sporting rivalries that have developed over numerous generations. This is just like college – playing other colleges that have traditional rivalries and representing your college, and the community in which it is part, is a great honor.
2. Recognition for your achievements: Local newspapers thrive on sport coverage of their local high schools and your achievements will not go unnoticed. This is just like college – local papers love to cover the sporting events of the local colleges and you will be recognized for your individual and team successes.
3. Understanding the sporting hierarchy: As a freshman you have certain duties, as do the sophomores, juniors and seniors. These duties change when you get older - from collecting equipment to leading the program. This is just like college – you will have certain duties and expectations as a freshman and these duties and expectations will change as you mature to lead your program.
4. Development of leadership roles: In high school sports players tend to look towards the older and more experienced athletes for guidance and leadership. As you stay with the program you will assume these roles and duties and you will learn how best to lead. You will also develop an understanding of which leadership qualities and styles best suit you. This is just like college – your leadership skills will be expected to develop as you mature through the program and you will have older, more experienced, teammates to look up to when you are an underclassman.
5. The opportunity to work with different coaches: Playing for different coaches prior to participating in college will allow you to know how to adapt to various coaching styles and how best you can succeed with these different styles. Although this is not the same as college, playing for different coaches will prepare you to know how best to work within different coaching styles and philosophies and still get the best out of your game.Here's where you can enter in text. Feel free to edit, move, delete or add a different page element.









In the year 2014, Tim and Ana Laura Chelpaty made a generous donation for the complete renovation of the San Miguel Parish, which was in a state of disrepair. We did this based upon the following Catholic principals, caring for the poor, supporting believing that all life is precious, practicing solidarity, families, protecting fundamental rights, the rights of workers, and caring for all of God’s creations.






Tim Chelpaty loves to give back and help support the community by sponsoring local teams and events. This past week he sponsored a t-ball team River Bandits and a 8U team River Bandits who each won the City Championship. The River Bandits T-ball team won on Friday and the River Bandits 8U team won on Sunday! Congratulations River Bandits on your City Championship win.
Attorney Tim Chelpaty gave a donation to Mayfield High School Cheerleaders. To understand the benefits of cheerleading read the following: It builds strong bones. Jumping actually increases bone density which prevents osteoarthritis. It promotes happiness. They are required to smile, even if the game isn’t going too well for them. Cheerleaders get a better workout because they are active throughout the entire game, adding time outs and half-time. Singing fight songs promotes brain benefits. The cheerleaders and team players are more than likely to hold leadership positions in their high school and community. Therefore, the Law Office of Tim Chelpaty supports cheerleading.  GO TROJANS!! 
Attorney Chelpaty believes in helping ALL the youth in our community.  He has given a donation to the boys and the girls basketball teams at Las Cruces High School for the school year 2016-2017.   GO BULLDAWGS!  There are many benefits for our youth to play basketball.  Here are some examples: 
Endurance: As with any high intensity sport, there are many cardiovascular benefits of basketball. Between bouts of running, jumping, dribbling, and bouts of rests, kids are participating in total body interval training without even realizing it. Interval training boosts aerobic capacity, energy levels, and metabolism, which in turn helps kids concentrate more in school.

Motor Control: The ability to control our limbs in space may come naturally, but being able to pass and shoot with precision during a basketball game takes special training and repetitive practice. Performing drills on and off the court with a basketball enables children to grade their muscle forces, control the position of their bodies in response to an opponent or a pass, and plan out successful movement sequences.

Ankle Stability: All the agility training, cutting back and forth, multidirectional running, pivoting, and turning within a basketball game are great ways to challenge our lower body muscles and joints, especially the structures surrounding our ankles. Organized basketball teaches kids safe and successful ways to block, pass, steal, jump, and run without hurting themselves or others. Ball sports such as basketball are great for reinforcing kids’ balance reactions and balance strategies and prevent future injury.

Balance/Coordination: As with most team sports, basketball requires upper body coordination, total body coordination, and hand-eye coordination. Dribbling, catching, passing, and making baskets require planning, precision, and quick reactions. Walking backwards, turning, or running while dribbling a ball and at the same time paying attention to other players is a challenging but interesting exercise for coordination and body awareness.

Agility: Basketball is a fast paced sport where athletes have to think fast on their feet and respond quickly to plays that could change momentum and direction at any minute. Young athletes are working on mental drills in addition to physical techniques. Basketball enhances children’s agility due to the swiftness needed to dodge other players and make aggressive plays.

Social Skills: The great thing about team sports is the level of discipline and communication needed for success at the games. Young athletes learn from an early age how to work in a team atmosphere, pay attention to others, and respond accordingly. An athlete needs discipline to attend practices and pay attention to the rules of any game. Team sports prepare children for necessary social interactions later in life. Through these sports, children understand shared responsibility, team work, how to deal with triumph and defeat, all of which are applicable throughout life.







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