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Birth Injury Attorney NM

Birth Injury Attorney Alamogordo/Las Cruces NM



What are common types of infection during labor and delivery? 


Group B Streptococcus is a type of bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections, premature delivery, pre-rupture of the membranes.  This bacterium is also associates with neonatal sepsis which can affect between 2 and 3 out of every 1000 babies which is the leading cause of infection in newborn babies.


Depending on the age of the baby, the mortality rate is between 5% and 50%.  It can also cause mental retardation, blindness, hearing problems, seizures and developmental delays.


A simple test can diagnose Group B Streptococcus and the Centers for Disease Controls recommends that these tests be done between 35 and 37 weeks.  When diagnosed, a baby can be expertly monitored and antibiotics can prevent injury.


Chorioamnionitis is an infection specific to pregnancies.  This infection adversely affects membranes and amniotic fluid around the baby which sometimes causes pre-term rupture of the membranes.  This bacterium can also lead to neonatal sepsis which is unfortunately fatal to most babies.  Doctors should look for Chorioamnionitis when the mother shows signs of fever, elevated white blood count, uterine tenderness and when the baby’s heart rate if extremely fast.  Diagnosis is best accomplished with amniocentesis.  Treatment often depends on how close the baby is to full term.




Birth Injury Attorney Silver City 




READ MORE TO FIND OUT…What can go wrong with the birth process?


Possible risks with the birth process.  Pregnancy, labor, and birth of a child can be one of the happiest moments in a mother’s life.  Although everything can go along as planned, it can be a scary experience because of feelings, medical terms and indifferent doctors.  Generally, most patients are anxious and depend on the doctors and other healthcare providers to help them during this period of time.  The majority of doctors assist parents through this difficult period of time in order to deliver healthy babies.  Unfortunately, sometimes the birth process doesn’t proceed as planned.


Although doctors do not intend harm, harm can still occur because of lack of experience, inattention, or doctors just make plain mistakes.  Sometimes, these mistakes can cause irreversible harm on the babies and their families. 


Most pregnancies are properly managed and the babies have an uneventful delivery.  Beginning with the first sonograms and until the occurrence of birth, physicians have a legal obligation to adhere to medical standards of care to protect babies and their mothers.  Failure to follow the standards of care can cause pregnancy complications and catastrophic birth injuries. 




 Birth Injury Attorney Alamogordo/Las Cruces/Silver City




What is a Birth Injury Lawyer?


A Birth Injury Lawyer focuses on various birth injuries, which consists of Erb’s Palsy, Brachial Plexus, Spinal Cord injuries, facial paralysis, bone fractures, wrongful death, Anoxia.   If there were negligent medical malpractice and careless mistakes made by the doctor, these can cause birth injuries.


What can a Birth Injury Lawyer do for me?


Birth Injuries can cause a tremendous financial strain to a family.  The Birth Injury Lawyer can recover compensation for these damages.  According to the Center for Disease Control, birth injuries cost the United States $2.6 billion dollars annually.  Birth Injury claims are very complex.  Therefore, you need an experienced attorney such as Tim Chelpaty. 


Experience has shown that lawyers who specialize in Birth Injuries, normally obtain a higher amount of compensation for their clients. 


What will a Birth Injury Lawyer do for me?


A Birth Injury Lawyer will review your medical records and retain the services of a medical expert to determine if the doctors and hospital staff caused your child’s injuries.  Having a Special Needs Child normally requires a parent to stay at home, which results in tremendous financial stress.   A Birth Injury Attorney can obtain the following compensation:  Assistive Equipment and Technology, physical therapy, physio therapy, occupational therapy, lost wages, medical care which includes doctors’ visits and medications, emotional pain and suffering, special education needs, home accommodations, and wheelchairs.


If your child has been injured as a result of a Birth Injury, contact Attorney Tim Chelpaty.  Serving the Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Silver City, Tularosa, Ruidoso, and Deming area for over 20 years.



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