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Tim Chelpaty

About The Law Firm

My law office communicates well with all clients and we follow up with written communication concerning all doctors’ appointments and imaging studies. 

Our office is focused on obtaining maximum compensation and to do it in a very proactive way. My secretary, paralegal and I are compassionate, driven, and passionate to address all the needs of our clients and ensure that everyone feels as relaxed and comfortable as possible. 

Offering legal help for a variety of circumstances!


Tim Chelpaty

Why I Chose To Be A Lawyer

I became a lawyer because of the pyramid of prestige. Impressive education and degrees have placed lawyers in an elite circle of professionals who command respect and embody the definition of helping others. Because of this, lawyers are in a unique position to help other individuals with their legal problems.

I will provide you with worthy services and a great law experience that will ease your worries... I've worked hard to get to where I am so I can help you.

My Work Speaks For Itself

A Few Of The Cases Won For My Clients:


There was a premises liability case in which we collected $250,000. We showed that the store had too many stacked items on the floor and did not have enough staff to process the customers.

Established Underinsurance

We were able to establish Underinsurance in the amount of $500,000+. We were able to get payment for past medical treatment, cost of future medical treatment and care and reimbursement of lost income and compensation for pain and suffering.

Automotive & 
Personal Injury

We had a client involved in 3 separate motor vehicle accidents and a slip and fall incident. Liability was established in all car accidents with compensation totaling $155,000 and the slip and fall claim for $125,000.

Legal Staff / Meet The Team

Marcie Poe

Legal Secretary/Office Manager

Marcie Poe is our maintenance and trusty documentation person. She diligently maintains all client files, correspondence,  requests medical records and bills, transcribe documents, communicates with health care providers, clients, insurance company adjusters, etc.

Ana Laura Chelpaty

Office Assistant

Ana helps Marcie by assisting with filing, making copies of documents for our clients, communicates with health care providers, and assist in making sure your files are up to date.
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