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Medical Malpractice-Personal Injury-Birth Injuries-Emergency Room Errors in Alamogordo, Las Cruces & surrounding areas                

Medical Malpractice Attorney Alamogordo                                                                        Birth Injury Attorney Las Cruces  NM                                                                                          Medical Malpractice Attorney Las Cruces                                                                Emergency Room Errors Las Cruces              

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For an attorney who cares, look no further than Tim Chelpaty.  He is Southern New Mexico's leading attorney for cases that deal with Medical Malpractice, Automobile Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents,

18-wheeler Accidents, Nursing Home Negligence, and more.  


If you or a loved one gets injured, or need to have your rights protected as a result of a health issue that happened in Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Silver City, or the surrounding areas, then contact our Law Office immediately! He is a medical malpractice attorney for Alamogordo. Chelpaty is also a birth injury attorney Las Cruces. We are an emergency room errors attorney Las Cruces, including surgical errors attorney NM, hospital negligence attorney Las Cruces and birth injury attorney NM Las Cruces.



Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Occurs when a Healthcare professional is negligent with their treatment and causes harm. Find out how Tim Chelpaty can help.


Nursing Home

There are several different ways of nursing home neglect. These include physical abuse when the caregiver subjects the resident to deliberate harm. Find out Tim Chelpaty can help.



Automobile Accidents

When you are injured in a car accident, you should be able to receive compensation for your medical bills, loss wages, property damage, and other related expenses. Tim Chelpaty can assist in your case.



Employment Law

Female workers are sexually assaulted regardless whether the sexual assault is work related. There are many ways in which the victims’ employment may be adversely affected. Tim Chelpaty can help with your lawsuit.



Slip & Fall

Slip and fall claims involve wet floors, defective stairs, an object placed in an improper place. Property owners are responsible for the accident if they have deviated from standard of care. Consult with personal injury attorney Tim Chelpaty.




An Uninsured Motorist Claim provides that you have an Uninsured Motorist clause in your insurance policy. Tim Chelpaty can help ensure that you recieve compensation.






Tim Chelpaty is a member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and is active in the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association. He is a personal injury lawyer that serves Southern New Mexico.





Read up on additional law resources through the in depth blog of Southern New Mexico's Personal Injury Attorney, Tim Chelpaty.






Motorcycle Accidents

Call 9-1-1 if the accident is severe.  Call the local police if the accident is less severe.    


Report to the emergency room or your primary care physician if you sustained injuries. 


Your accident will need to be reported to your insurance company.  




Dog Bites

Approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs yearly, resulting in approximately 885,000 requiring medical treatment.  If the owner of the dog knew that the dog had a tendency to bite, the dog owner is liable for the injuries their dog causes.  The owner can also be held liable if they know that their dogs had a propensity to bite.  


Seek medical attention if you have been bitten.  



18-wheeler accidents

IIf you have been hit by an 18-wheeler, call 9-1-1 and wait for police and ambulance services to arrive.   Report to the emergency room for any injuries you sustained.  


A large truck accident is much more catastrophic than an automobile accident.  The 18-wheel trucks normally weight more than 25 times more than the average car.  Accidents between 18-wheelers and cars normally results in very serious injuries, including fatalities.  



Liquor Liability (Dram Shop)

Customers who purchased alcoholic drinks at bars and restaurants, can injure people thereafter.  These types of lawsuits are regulated by the Dram Shop Law.  


A bar or restaurant patron becomes drunk and is involved in an accident, the Dram Shop Law entitles the injured party to file a lawsuit against that business.  




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