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Tim Chelpaty Law Firm - 40+ Years Serving Clients

Personal Injury Attorney in Las Cruces, NM

Our Areas Of Practice

Medical Malpractice in Las Cruces

with Stephen Barnes, MD, JD*
Tim Chelpaty delivers expert legal support for medical malpractice victims in Las Cruces. At Chelpaty Law Firm, we focus on ensuring justice and fair compensation for our clients, leveraging our deep understanding of healthcare law. Our personalized approach aims to guide you effectively through the complexities of your case, advocating for your rights with dedication and expertise.
* Stephen Barnes, MD, JD, interviews clients and reviews the medical records
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Automotive Injury in Las Cruces

Tim Chelpaty provides focused legal support for auto accident victims in Las Cruces. At Chelpaty Law Firm, we strive to secure rightful compensation for your injuries and losses, employing our expertise in traffic collision law. Our approach is tailored to advocate for your rights, ensuring you receive the dedicated representation needed for a favorable outcome.
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Nursing Home Abuse in Las Cruces

with Stephen Barnes, MD, JD*
Tim Chelpaty addresses nursing home abuse in Las Cruces with dedication and expertise. Chelpaty Law Firm offers compassionate legal support to victims and their families, striving for justice and compensation. Our focused approach in elder law ensures the protection and advocacy of the elderly's rights, aiming for the accountability of negligent parties.
* Stephen Barnes, MD, JD, interviews clients and reviews the medical records
If you suspect a nursing home mistreated your loved one, contact us now >>

The Values Behind Every Case

Thorough Investigations

You can depend on me to gather all the facts and establish liability against the wrongdoer.


The firm has earned a reputation for excellence in the legal community and is highly regarded for personal service.


I make sure I secure fair financial compensation after the accident because it is what you deserve. 
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Meet Tim Chelpaty

Your Personal Injury Attorney in 
Las Cruces

I will provide you with worthy services and a great law experience that will ease your worries... I've worked hard to get to where I am so I can help you

My Work Speaks For Itself

A Few Of The Cases Won For My Clients:


There was a premises liability case in which we collected $250,000. We showed that the store had too many stacked items on the floor and did not have enough staff to process the customers.

Established Underinsurance

We were able to establish Underinsurance in the amount of $500,000+. We were able to get payment for past medical treatment, cost of future medical treatment and care and reimbursement of lost income and compensation for pain and suffering.

Automotive & 
Personal Injury

We had a client involved in 3 separate motor vehicle accidents and a slip and fall incident. Liability was established in all car accidents with compensation totaling $155,000 and the slip and fall claim for $125,000.

Hear From My Satisfied Clients in Las Cruces


I have a strong history of success that reflects my deep commitment to each client and their families.

" They never missed a beat."

I have to commend the Chelpaty Law Firm on their Knowledgeable handeling of our case. They never missed a beat. The communication was excellent and timely. The service was way and above what we expected. I would recommend anyone who is need of legal services call the law offices of Mr Tim Chelpaty. We will definitely use your services when needed in the future. Thank you, Thank you!
- Chris S.

Why Choose Me For Your Case?


I'll Help You Understand Your Case

If you're dealing with a personal injury case in Las Cruces, I'm here to make everything clear for you. With over 40 years of legal experience, I know how to explain things in a way you'll understand. I'll keep you updated on every part of your case, including your doctor visits. My goal is to simplify the legal process for you.

You'll Have My Full Attention

When you choose me as your lawyer, you're more than just a case number. I'll listen to your story and give you the care and attention you deserve. Together with my team, including my secretary and paralegal, we're dedicated to making sure you're heard and supported. Personal care is my priority, especially during your tough times.

Our First Meeting is Free

I offer a free initial meeting for anyone in Las Cruces needing personal injury legal help. This is your opportunity to tell me about your situation without any cost. During this meeting, I'll listen carefully to understand your case fully so I can offer you the best possible support. It's a stress-free way for you to start your legal journey.

I Collaborate with Medical Professionals for Your Care

What sets me apart in Las Cruces is my collaboration with medical professionals, including doctors and nurses. Every personal injury case is reviewed by a Medical Doctor and Nurse. This approach means your health is considered along with your legal case. I'll ensure that the impact of your injury on your life and health is fully understood and represented in your case. My aim is to fight for the maximum support and compensation for you, just as I have successfully done in many different personal injury cases.

Let's Fight For Your Compensation


Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Cruces

You have some control over whether your case goes to trial or results in a settlement. An experienced attorney can help you determine if your case is the type that’s likely to go to trial. That attorney is Tim Chelpaty.

What Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury can be summed up as any injury that is caused to your person. Personal injury can come in many different ways such as automotive injury to a slip and fall. 

Personal Injury Claims We Help With In Las Cruces, NM

Slip and Fall Accidents

Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse

Motor Vehicle Accidents


Dog Bites

Wrongful Death

On-The-Job Accidents


And much more...


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