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Medical Malpractice Attorney in Las Cruces, NM

with Stephen Barnes, MD, JD
(Stephen Barnes, MD, JD, interviews clients and reviews the medical records)
I will fight for you and your family to be certain that you received the necessary care and compensation you need to live a normal life.

What Is Medical Malpractice in Las Cruces?

Medical malpractice in Las Cruces occurs when a healthcare professional or provider is negligent in the treatment they provide, offering substandard care that results in harm, injury, or death to a patient. In Las Cruces, medical errors frequently form the bulk of medical malpractice claims. These errors might stem from acts of omission or commission that deviate from the expected standard of care.

In Las Cruces, healthcare professionals or providers are held accountable for all harm caused to a patient. However, they are only legally liable if the harm arises from a deviation from the established quality of care. Medical professionals and doctors in Las Cruces have a standard of care they are professionally required to adhere to. Unfortunately, there are instances where they fail to meet this standard, leading to potential medical malpractice.

Most often, medical malpractice in Las Cruces is the result of an incorrect diagnosis or negligence during medical treatment. Such oversights can exacerbate a patient’s condition and, tragically, may even lead to the patient’s death.

The most frequently occurring medical malpractice claims concern the following:

Hospital Negligence

Surgical Errors

Emergency Room Errors

Pharmacy Errors

Anesthesia Errors

Add Drugs

Birth Injury

Failure to Diagnose

Brain Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

Every Personal Injury Case Reviewed by Medical Professionals.

We believe in the highest level of service and care for our clients. That is why every Medical Malpractice case we take on is reviewed by Stephen Barnes, MD, JD, who interviews clients & reviews the medical records. 

I have the resources & experience to hold Companies & doctors accountable. 


What You Can Expect

How It Works



First step is that we will gather and review medical records.


If claim has merit, we will obtain expert review.


Lastly, we will review medical duty owed to patient, breach of duty, and injury caused by breach and monetary damages.

This Could Be You

Medical Malpractice Claim

We were able to obtain a settlement of  $359,129.66 for the family of a heart medical malpractice claim.
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