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October 27, 2023

Listen to what sounds you hear at a nursing home. Residents yelling, screaming for assistance, or moaning, can be signs of poor treatment. It could be a sign of some mental disorder. Learn how staff members address the residents. The staff should address the residents by their names. This is a resident’s worth and the feeling of being respected.

Beware of understaffing If the CNAs and staff work overtime or double shifts, this could be a sign of understaffing which can adversely affect the resident’s care. If the staff is overworked, more than likely they will be overstressed. If the family believes that the resident is being neglected because of poor staffing ratios, they should file a complaint with the state agency that regulates the nursing home. If the residents are outside the rooms or rather outside doing activities, this is a very good sign because it shows that the resident’s needs are being addressed.

How does the staff treat each other? The staff is more than likely going to be rude to the residents if the staff is rude to each other. Furthermore, staff should spend its time charting at the end of each shift.


Does the nursing home address falls? Inevitably, falls normally occur at nursing homes because of the physical conditions of the residents. More importantly, it’s what happens after the fall that really matters. Did the staff check for injuries? Did the staff help the resident up from the floor safely? Was the resident checked for injuries that were not apparent the first time? Did the staff contact the family concerning the fall? The nursing home ought to call and meet with the family of the resident to determine why the fall occurred. Furthermore, the nursing home should take steps to protect the resident from future falls.

Are there inexplicable bedsores? Because of the physical disability of nursing home residents, bedsores are inevitable. A resident is capable of mobility thereafter the resident is developing bedsores; this should be addressed to the nursing home staff. Why is the resident in one position so long? Why isn’t the resident encouraged to walk? If a resident is confined to a bed, it should be determined if the resident is being rotated. These orders should be noted for rotation, and the rotation should be recorded in the resident’s medical chart.

Are the resident’s needs being satisfied? Ask how many times a day the resident’s adult diapers are changed if the resident is incontinent. If it is predetermined the amount of times a resident should be changed, that could pose a problem. If the resident isn’t wearing a clean adult diaper, wounds can develop. If a resident needs more changes, every two hours, the nursing assistants should change them more frequently.

Is there any bruising? As residents age, their skin bruises more easily because of medications and sensitivities. If you see a finger-shaped bruise or a handprint bruise on the resident’s body, it might be a sign of physical abuse, and it should be addressed with the staff.

How does the food appear and how is the taste? Dining with a resident in the cafeteria is an excellent way for family members to determine how well the resident is eating. When the residents are aging and losing sensitivity, food becomes a paramount issue. The nursing home should maintain a record concerning how much food the resident eats during each meal. If the resident isn’t eating the nursing home’s food but eats food brought by their families, this should be addressed with the staff.

What does the nursing home smell like? There can be peculiar odors. These odors can be attributable to certain medications or because the residents have flatulence. Furthermore, as people age, they lose control over their bladders and bowels. If a nursing home reeks with the smell of urine, it could be a sign that the nursing home is not being cleaned properly.

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